“The Razor Blades of Queens”, Ch. 1e, Excerpt 5, The Archangel of Hamilton Beach (formerly Two Shores), a novel

The Archangel of Hamilton Beach, formerly Two Shores, Excerpt 5, Chapter 1

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The Archangel of Hamilton Beach: a novel by [Serrano, Valerie]I’ve recently decided after much deliberation to revert my novel Two Shores back to its original title The Archangel of Hamilton Beach.

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Title-Change for my novel

“The Razor Blades of Queens”, Ch. 1b, Excerpt 2, The Archangel of Hamilton Beach (formerly Two Shores), a novel

Excerpt 2 from Two Shores, my novel

“The Razor Blades of Queens”, Ch. 1a, Excerpt 1, The Archangel of Hamilton Beach (formerly Two Shores) a novel


ARCHANGEL PIC SaintMichaelArcAngel----archangel-michael[1]

Two Shores

Part One: The Early Days                    

“The Archangel…wings upspread, sword uplifted, the devil crawling beneath…. He is the conqueror of Satan, the mightiest of all created spirits, the nearest to God. His place was where the danger was greatest; therefore you find him here.”

                       ~~Henry Adams, Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres

And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: ….”                                             ~~Daniel 12:1

Chapter 1.     

The Razor Blades of Queens

The first day of kindergarten was my nightmare come true. The thought of being someplace where kids would make fun of me knotted up my stomach. But at least I’d get to leave the apartment with Michael that morning, and not have to stay there alone with Teresa after Michael and Frances went to school, which I had done every day since the day I could remember.

Saint Michael the Archangel looked down at me from my favorite picture on the wall between the windows leading to the fire escape outside. The archangel held his sword high to kill anyone who would dare hurt me. His wings spread wide so he could fly me away from my enemies. Saint Michael the Archangel stood tall, crushing the evil snake under his foot. He was the strongest angel in Heaven.

I pulled my pajama top up over my head and peeked at myself in the small mirror on the dresser. The face that looked back at me with my thick, dark eyelashes and “kissy” lips, as Teresa called them. I looked like her, with her darker skin, lighter than both Michael and Frances’s.

“Danny, you ready?” Michael, my big brother.

“Yes,” I called in. “I’m coming.” I started to tie the laces of my leather shoes, the ones that Michael had grown out of a long time before. I picked up his brown flannel shirt from the bed. I wished I could wear it so I would feel him with me at that dreaded new school. I crumpled it up and held it to my nose. It smelled like him. I put it in the closet, in the back, so the next time I hid there, I could dig my face into it. Then I grabbed my good yellow shirt. What it was good for I didn’t know. I hated yellow. And it was all scratchy, especially around my neck where the tag was. But Teresa told me she’d bought it new to wear to my first day of school, and I always did what my mother told me, so she wouldn’t get mad.

The Archangel of Hamilton Beach, Description and Reviews

You won’t be disappointed!

The Archangel of Hamilton Beach

It’s New York City in the 1960s and Danny idolizes his older brother Michael—his shield of protection from his abusive mother and older sister. But after events leave Danny struggling in New York alone, and the ‘70s have come and almost gone, an unexpected reunion forces him to make one hard decision after another.

“The character, Daniel, was expressive, layered and detailed. The story kept me reading to find out what happens next for Daniel. I recommend it!” ~ PK, amazon.com Kindle customer

“The characters are alive and vividly real.” ~ Stephanie A. Stone, amazon.com customer

“I can’t put it down.” ~ Gary G., amazon.com customer

“Occasionally, there is a story that is so poignant, so moving, that it just has to be told.  The Archangel of Hamilton Beach [now Two Shores] is just such a story.

Danny, Valerie Serrano’s protagonist in this touching novel, shows us how it is not what you have been given that counts—but rather, what you do with what you have.

This is a heartfelt, compelling novel that easily flows off the page.  I read this novel in two days (as I could not put it down).  I am eagerly waiting to read the sequel.”

~ Gigi Halloran, customer review on amazon.com and Goodreads

“The reader “roots” for Danny as he struggles, learns the terrible truth about family members, and makes his way in the world. I am looking forward to the sequel.” ~ Shirley Ann Moore, amazon.com customer

“Ms. Serrano’s skillful writing style keeps the story moving and holds your interest every step of the way…a quick read and leaves you wanting more.” ~ Anonymous, amazon.com customer

“The clarity & simplicity about one of the characters’ love for Jesus is so sweet & powerful. A big Amen & Praise God!…I will be reading more than once. Looking forward to more books by this author!” ~ Taura, amazon.com customer

“The character, Daniel, was expressive, layered and detailed. The story kept me reading to find out what happens next for Daniel. I recommend it!” ~ PK, amazon.com Kindle customer

The Archangel of Hamilton Beach

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