Hi!  My name is Valerie Serrano.  I have a master of fine arts degree in creative writing and a bachelors in psychology, and have been reading, writing, and studying writing for many years.

I’ve been teaching classic creative writing classes in Santa Rosa, CA, since 2013 first at Finley Community Center on College Avenue and then opened my little studio called Let’s Write! where I teach, edit, offer self-publishing assistance, and more (like motivation and encouragement to fearing writers).

I’m moving to a new studio soon, and still offer writing instruction and editing online.  I love every minute of it, and the wonderful memoirs, poetry, and fiction my students write, some of which have been self-published. (I also self-published a novel The Archangel of Hamilton Beach, and a picture book Horses Talk Funny )

I taught English and writing in New York City for seven years (1996-2003–during which I eye-witnessed “9-11” on my way to work that fateful morning, but that’s a story for another page).  My classes at that time were filled with a lively number of people aged 18 to 80 from around the world,  some with “disabilities”–including some very nice felons (prostitutes and drug dealers) recently released from Riker’s Island, the nearby island-prison off Manhattan.

We learned from each other.  I taught them that each one of them was important and had something important to say that somebody wanted or needed to hear. 

They taught me that no apparent obstacle can stand in the way when one sits down to tell their story and tell it honestly from the heart.  They inspired me to start my own writing instruction and editing service to help anyone who wants to, to do the same.

So, Let’s Write!  :- )

6 thoughts on “Creds”

  1. Hi Val,
    I’ve missed discussions with you and your class. It’s time for me to join you if you’ve got spaces. I’m going to be gone during the month of December. I’m free from now until 11/30. Mary


  2. I have many stories to tell and am interested in your program. But I have very limited mobility and find Finley Center a challenge getting from parking to meeting rooms. Where is your program located?

    If it would be easier, we could talk by phone. I can be reached by phone @ 331-9709.
    I am not available until after 11:30 weekdays

    Mary Burns


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