Horses Talk Funny!


Every page filled with beautiful full-color photographs of kids and horses, who each have something funny to say! 

HORSES TALK FUNNY, a picture book for kids of all ages!

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM, click link on title below.

Horses Talk Funny 

Kindle eBook just $1.99 or Paperback only $6.25

Horses Talk Funny is the first of the series Animals Talk Funny.

“I got this book two days ago. I’ve read to my 5 year old son 4 times. He loves it. The story is funny and well written. You won’t be disappointed by purchasing this book.”                ~~ ”Daliah Rogers (Amazon customer, purchased under former title, Horses Speak Love to Kids.)

Lily is a little girl who understands animals so well that when she’s near a horse, she tells us, “I thought I heard him say…”.    Lily’s mom, dad, and little brother Eddie all love animals, too. In this first book of the series, on Dad’s day off, he takes Lily around their country town visiting the neighbors’ horses.

The large, vivid, full-color photographs of horses with children, along with the equines’ funny “wise-guy” comments will—over and over again—have children of all ages enjoying the wonderful pictures and giggling at the horses’ humorous remarks.     Great for entertaining your child when traveling—in paperback or Kindle eBook for computer, phone, or I-pad.


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