“To Valerie Serrano, my teacher, mentor, editor, and friend. These two years, and more, have been an inspiration to me. I could not have done this without you.  I dedicate all my commas and had beens to you.”      ~ Gayle Peebles, excerpt from Acknowledgements in her book Best Friends–Worlds Apart:  Memoir of a Friendship Bridging Russia and America during Glasnost and Beyond (sold on Amazon)

“This was the most overwhelming endeavor which I have ever taken on in my life, and I owe it to Ms. Serrano’s enthusiasm for my passion.  Words cannot really illustrate my deep appreciation of her devotion to this foreign-born student.”  ~ Lily Alison Liu,  excerpt from Acknowledgements in her book A Rhythmic And Melodious Friendship: A Memoir (sold on Amazon).

“And to Val, my inspiring editor, for her patience, professionalism, and humor that enabled me to complete the manuscript…. ~ Shirley Ann Moore, excerpt from Acknowledgements in her book A Lick And A Promise: Descendent Of A Wiyot Tribe (sold on Amazon).

“Valerie’s ‘Let’s Write’ class brings out the inner artist, the creative side of one’s personality that wants to explore and expand.  We cover vital topics for a growing author.  Things such as point of view, tense, using detail, narrowing down your story, and self-publishing.  This class is a must for anyone who wants to enhance their ability to write.”      ~ G. Halloran, Santa Rosa, CA

“I’ve learned a great deal from ongoing classes with Val.  When I started I was like a little mouse working toward grabbing the cheese.  Now, I’m more like a bulldog with a bone.  Writing has become an amazing, ongoing and profound learning edge for me.  Thank you Val!  Much appreciated!”     ~ Stef Stone, Santa Rosa, CA

I’ve been taking Valerie’s classes since she started teaching.  She’s a wonderful and inspiring instructor and encourages you to try new things.  She told me once when I said I didn’t know how to write poetry, ‘You have a pen and paper, just write.’  And I did!  Now I’m a poet!”      ~ Adrienne Faulkner, Santa Rosa, CA

“This class has been a great incentive for me. Valerie gives that much-needed nudge to keep me writing.  We learn much from…the instruction we receive from our teacher, who goes way beyond expectations with individual help and encouragement.”              ~ Mary Jo Ashcroft-Hays, Santa Rosa, CA