Let’s Write! has expanded into Classic Writing Courses on instruction, editing, formatting/book design, and self-publishing!

You won’t be disappointed!

Let’s Write! has grown quite organically, that is to say, without intention—it all just happened.  Writing students starting with a short personal essay or some pages of poetry, over time—not a lot—ended up with finished manuscripts they uploaded (with my help) to Amazon.com through Create Space and Kindle for paperback and eBooks, respectively.

Audio books are next to round off the number of venues through which writers can get their short or long books into the hands, eyes, and ears of their potential readers and listeners out there across the world!

You won’t be disappointed.  My courses are 100% guaranteed for a quality book (yours) self-publication if you commit to your project, do the necessary work, and follow my advice.

We get real results!  (Please read Course Testimonials).  Very exciting!

Let’s Write!  Editing, Formatting/Book Design, and Publishing Courses

Santa Rosa CA 95403

LetsWrite. net  or LetsWrite.com



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