Let me help you bring your story to life!

Hi. I’m Valerie Serrano of Let’s Write! which has grown organically into local classes and workshops at the Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa, California, and private one-on-one editing and consulting in person (and online).

Writing students often start with the beginnings of a personal essay or  short story, or some pages of poetry. After some classes, if they stick to it, their work broadens and we work together individually so their home-grown project can begin to take shape as a a book-length novel or memoir, poetry collection, or anthology of short stories or essays.

Over time—not a lot—writers are often surprised to find they have created finished manuscripts which, with some coaxing, they can then self-publish by uploading (usually with my help) to Amazon.com as paperbacks and/or eBooks. 

My editing, instruction, and workshops are 100% guaranteed. Just be willing to commit to your project, do necessary revisions, and work together with me to get real results!  (Please see my Portfolio and also read my wonderful clients’ Course Testimonials in the Menu above.)

Let’s Write! students know I care about their work and give their writing the respect it deserves by treating it as a professional manuscript right from the beginning, even while the client is not so sure.

But though we take writing seriously, it is not to say we don’t have a good time; we do–sometimes laughing (and sometimes crying). I take a professional perspective and consult on every author’s manuscript as if it were headed for publication, whether the student chooses to pursue that route or not.

I invite you to explore my Let’s Write! website, get to know me a bit, and read some of what we do. Do you have a story to tell? Don’t be shy. Please contact me via email valser27@gmail.com or drop a line in the Comments section below. I will happily respond immediately–no obligation to you–with any questions you may have about your own writing.

You won’t be disappointed!





12 thoughts on “Let me help you bring your story to life!”

  1. Hi Val, I want to thank you for keeping the enjoyment in writing for me. Despite my really not know what to do with it. You keep showing, and helping me with my love for it.


    1. Roy, working with you has always been a pleasure. You keep me on my toes and you keep it real for the rest of the class. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I hope to see you soon in our next class.


  2. Hi Valerie! After following your wonderful blog, I read this and just wanted to say that I’m from Santa Rosa! It’s so wonderful that you have created a space in the community for emerging writers. I would love to stop by next time I’m in town. Looking forward to following you on here!

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  3. I’m very interested in starting my own blog. I’ve hesitated because of my lack of knowledge about the start up procedures. This is perfect for me, that you offer this service. Thanks, I can’t wait to follow the yellow (chicken) blog road!

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