Let’s Write! has expanded into Classic Writing Courses on instruction, editing, formatting/book design, and self-publishing!

You won’t be disappointed!

Let’s Write! has grown quite organically, that is to say, without intention—it all just happened.  Writing students starting with a short personal essay or some pages of poetry, over time—not a lot—ended up with finished manuscripts they uploaded (with my help) to Amazon.com through Create Space and Kindle for paperback and eBooks, respectively.

You won’t be disappointed.  My courses are 100% guaranteed for a quality book (yours) self-publication if you commit to your project, do the necessary work, and follow my advice.

We get real results!  (Please read Course Testimonials).  Very exciting!

Let’s Write!  Editing, Formatting/Book Design, and Publishing Courses

Santa Rosa CA 95403

LetsWrite. net  or LetsWrite.com



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