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The Archangel of Hamilton Beach: a novel by [Serrano, Valerie]

It’s New York City in the 1960s and Danny idolizes his older brother Michael—his shield of protection from his abusive mother and older sister. But after events leave Danny struggling in New York alone, and the ‘70s have come and almost gone, an unexpected reunion forces him to make one hard decision after another.


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“Can’t put it down.” ~ Gary G., customer

“The characters are alive and vividly real.” ~ Stephanie A. Stone, customer

“The character, Daniel, was expressive, layered and detailed. The story kept me reading to find out what happens next for Daniel. I recommend it!” ~ PK, Kindle customer

“Ms Serrano’s skillful writing style keeps the story moving and holds your interest every step of the way…a quick read and leaves you wanting more.” ~ Anonymous, customer

“The reader “roots” for Danny as he struggles, learns the terrible truth about family members, and makes his way in the world. I am looking forward to the sequel.” ~ Shirley Ann Moore, customer

“The clarity & simplicity about one of the characters’ love for Jesus is so sweet & powerful. A big Amen & Praise God!…I will be reading more than once. Looking forward to more books by this author!” ~ Taura, customer

“Hopefully I’ll be reading more about Danny’s inspiring struggle to recover from childhood abuse.” ~ Mary Fox, customer

“This is a heartfelt, compelling novel that easily flows off the page. I read this novel in two days (as I could not put it down). I am eagerly waiting to read the sequel.” ~ Gigi Halloran, customer review on and Goodreads

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