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Finding Belief: How Cancer Cured My Life, a novel by j.l. sherman.

Where can you go when the cannon of captivity is aimed in your direction—addiction, depression, rejection…cancer!?

Another agent of impartiality had come to call for a life nobody wants to represent. It was unfair that Rachel couldn’t run, and she couldn’t hide, for the blinded advantage within her was demanding she enter…

Cancer: Where everyone is equal.

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Perspectives: Sophisticated Memoirs for an Unsophisticated World: A Let’s Write! Anthology  is an intriguing collection of memoirs written by some Let’s Write! class members. The 83-page eBook is only 99 cents and worth every penny. (And the paperback is still a bargain at $3.60.)

After crying and laughing along with these authors, you will come away better for having been let in to the privacy of their life perspectives.

Click here for a small idea of what to expect in this collection of stories:

A quick and interesting read. Makes a good traveling book.

= = = =

Best Friends Worlds Apart: Memoir of a Friendship Bridging Russia and America during Glasnost and beyond by [Peebles, Gayle]

Best Friends Worlds Apart

by Gayle Peebles

High scores from Judge, 4th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards, January 2017.


Transcendental Highway: Poetry

Transcendental Highway: Poetry


A Rhythmic and Melodious Friendship

A Rhythmic and Melodious Friendship: A Memoir

by Lily Allyson Liu


A Lick and A Promise: Remembering Mom, Descendant of a Wiyot Tribe

by Shirley Ann Moore





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