My little Let’s Write! studio has expanded into a writing instruction, editing, formatting/design, and (self) publishing service.

Let’s Write! has grown quite organically, that is to say, without intention—it all just happened.  Writing students starting with a short personal essay or some pages of poetry, over time—not a lot—have gone on to now uploading to Create Space and Kindle for paperback and eBooks.

Currently, we’re also looking into audio books to round off the number of venues these great writers have to get their essays, memoirs, and other books into the hands, eyes, and ears of their potential readers and listeners out there across the world.

PS—My services are 100% guaranteed for a quality book (yours) publication if you commit to your project and follow my advice.

Very exciting!

Check us out at:

Let’s Write! Creative Writing Studio
Writing, Editing, Formatting/Design, and Publishing Service
1400 Guerneville Rd, #2, Santa Rosa CA 95403
LetsWrite. net

About Valerie Serrano

I am a true Bible-believing (King James Version) Christian first, recently saved from the darkness that yoga and meditation brought on me (maybe I'll write about that one day). After that, I love my family. Then I'm a writer, editor, book formatter and designer, and a one-woman operation called Let’s Write! editorial services. I love children, and pray they are spared the worst of what's going on in this world today. Truth is my middle name (though it can get me in trouble! :- ) and I always pray to be nothing but truthful in my writing, including fiction. I can be a perfectionist when it comes to writing, editing, and designing, and I enjoy taking the time to be conscientious about getting things just right, but being relaxed enough about it to remember we humans all make mistakes (I learn the most that way, it seems). I'm in the process as I write this (April 2017) of revamping and updating my blogs. Please check them out and bear with me through the process. God bless you and thanks for visiting my site. Valerie Serrano I give all the credit for anything I do right to God's Holy Spirit within me. Thank you, God in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ who saved a wretch like me. :- )
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