Easy to Pay for Local or Online Editing or Writing Instruction





Easy Payment for Local or Online Writing Instruction or Editing

• Just click on your credit card below, or PayPal, to pay in advance for writing instruction or editing, with the focus on your project or the help to start one, whether fiction or nonfiction. • I also offer manuscript formatting and self-publishing assistance. • Initial FREE consultation of a sample of your work, up to 3 pages. • $40 for each hour of online edit/critique OR local (Santa Rosa area) private sessions. • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.



Update August 2017

In case it has not become clear by reading other pages on my blog, my focus is on individual private editorial services more than classes these days.  Since I had to give up my studio my only outlet for classes is the Finley Community Center which is good but offers a limited schedule.

I know some people prefer a class setting rather than private/individual sessions, so they can get others’ feedback as well, and also because it’s less expensive, but I still encourage the private sessions because even though it costs more, you get much more for each dollar spent, which is important because the instruction and editing is focused on your writing and your specific needs.

While it’s nice to hear what others have to say about your writing, popular feedback can be gotten in any free writing group, or just reading to friends or family.  It’s the professional opinion you are paying for which you will take with you into your future writing, long after classes or private sessions have finished.

What I offer between classes in the way of editorial and instructional services is private/individual sessions via email where students send their agreed-upon amount of writing, preferably as a Microsoft Word attachment (after they mail me a check in advance), according to what we’ve discussed and what kind of feedback the writer wants (overall vs. more detailed, etc.).

I only charge for time actually reading or editing your work. Time spent writing emails, other correspondence or “admin” tasks are without charge.

I recommend writers write me to send me up to 2 pages of your writing as an attachment, and I will give you an initial free consultation so you can get an idea of what kinds of suggestions I might have for you. Or if you haven’t written anything yet, just send me your ideas.

I love working with writers and encouraging them to “be honest on the page”, and am delighted you found me. I’m very flexible, so let’s see if we can make this work for you one way or another.

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.


Valerie Serrano



I’m Back!

Hi there! It’s been a long time since I’ve written on this site and I apologize for that. Don’t tell my students/clients this but, like them, I can get plagued by and become frozen by the death grip of the dreaded (should be) Perfectionism (though it helps as an editor).

It’s a weird phenomenon that can keep me from the page for days, weeks, years at a time. Sometimes I’ll open the file to work on it (whatever file it may be) then immediately close it and walk away or find something else online to fool with (with which to fool?).

Blogging seems like pontificating more than keeping a journal for the simple fact that somebody might actually read it vs. a journal which you usually hope no one does. Someone said blog as if you are writing to yourself. That works. And I am if nobody reads this, but you know it’s not true because it’s oh so public. So there’s this weird cross between a blog and a journal, a jog? No that was taken back in the ‘80s. let’s see, how ‘bout a blurnal. Hmmm… get it? blur-nal. Fits.

Also, I’m a writer not a blogger. There’s a difference. I’ve never gotten used to this blogging thing, though I haven’t given up. Now that I’m self-publishing my novel The Archangel of Hamilton Beach (see blog by same name). Link coming!

A lot of people are plagued by the P-freeze. We think it’s too much. We have to make it just right (whatever “it” is) and it just seems like too much work or too much time or effort and we just don’t know exactly what it’s supposed to look like when we’re done, if it’s going to be good enough (for whom? is a good question to ask).

BTW I’m happy to say that three people from Let’s Write! creative writing classes who had felt overwhelmed with P-freeze on beginning and at various other times throughout just recently self-published (with my help) their memoirs of which they and I am very proud and delighted. (Please check out my Testimonials page).  They and I know the work that went into these wonderful books as does any writer who’s finished something to its completion.

Also, there’s the length to consider. Blogs are usually short and this one’s already too long! Bye. I’ll be back. I think.

Let’s Write!

We all have a story to tell, whether short fiction, memoir, novel, or poetry.

Come for some instruction and gentle, encouraging guidance (and a healthy dose of humor) as you create your work of art, whether you plan to publish or not, with a private individual online consultation/editing session.

I think you’ll find my rates more than reasonable and my comments and ideas worth a lot more than I charge, given my years of experience and education in writing, and self-publishing.  (Please check out my clients’ Testimonials).  I’m happy to pass on to you all I’ve learned from others from whom I’ve labored to learn!

I promise you won’t be disappointed, or 100% of your money will be refunded.

For information on how to get started leave a comment or write me at valser27@gmail.com.

I’ll get back to you promptly.

Your journey of expressing yourself starts here!

~ Don’t miss it! :- )