Easy to Pay for Online Editing or Writing Instruction

Easy Payment for Online Writing Instruction or Editing

• You can use your credit card or go through PayPal. • Just click on the PayPal button below to pay in advance for individual editing or writing instruction with the focus on your project or the help to start one, whether fiction or nonfiction. • I also offer self-publishing, formatting, and book design or instruction for you to do it yourself. • Initial FREE consultation of a sample of your work, up to 2 pages. • $40 per hour, all services. • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. • Just hover over the number 1, and you can add up to as many hours of editing or instruction you are paying for in advance.



Author: Valerie Serrano

I'm a writing teacher, writer, editor, self-publishing coach -- a one-woman operation called Let’s Write! I love children, and pray they are spared the worst of what's going on in this world today. "Truth" is my middle name (though it can get me into trouble!) And I always pray to be nothing but truthful in whatever I write, even if it's fiction. I can be a perfectionist when it comes to writing, editing, and book designing; and I enjoy taking the time to be conscientious about getting things just right, while still staying relaxed enough to remember we humans all make mistakes (the best way I learn, it seems!). Praise God through our Lord Jesus Christ (the only real Truth), and may He bless you and your family. Thanks for visiting my site! Valerie Serrano

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